16 Biggest Weight Loss Myths Debunked

The first thing you should probably do when embarking on a journey to lose weight and shed extra pounds is to swerve your way around myths that can push you towards the wrong direction and make burning fat a difficult process. In fact, debunking certain weight loss myths can lead to a smoother and more successful weight loss. So, let’s debunk these myths one by one:

Biggest Weight Loss Myths Debunked

1. You Can Lose Weight Overnight: Absolutely wrong! Just the way you hadn’t gained weight overnight, you would not lose it in a day. Weight loss is a process that times effort, time, and patience, so do not rely on fad diets that promise to burn all extra fat in a few hours – follow a clean and healthy diet like that on Rati Beauty app to drop weight successfully.

2. It’s Possible to Spot Reduce Belly Fat: It’s the biggest myth flying around – one can do absolutely do ab exercises day in and day out, but if your diet is not on track, slim waistline is a far-fetched dream. Doing crunches alone will not melt away extra layers cushioning your waist. You can gain muscle and tone the muscles underneath the fat, but dieting alone can help you burn those fat layers.

3. Slim Sauna Belts will Sweat Away Fat: It’s true that sauna belts induce profuse sweating, but that they are taking down body fat along with them is a myth!

4. Replace Normal Food with Diet Foods: You must run away from anything that is marketed as “diet food.” Diet khakra, diet soda, or other “diet foods” are just marketing stunts luring fitness-conscious consumers towards them. You should compare the calories between regular stuff with the diet stuff (there’s not much of a difference). Even if the word “diet” is pleasing to your eyes, stay away and stick to whole foods instead.

5. Detox Drinks Will Help you Melt Off Fat: When someone says “sip these drinks to lose belly fat,” and flush out toxins, they are probably talking about boosting metabolism to burn more calories. But detox drinks do not target stored fat, they may just help reset the metabolism.

6. Diet Pills and Fat Burners Cut Fat: Stay away from them because they are ineffective and may cause side effects instead.

7. More Protein Equals To More Fat Loss: The above line is only true if you’re doing regular exercise where you burn fat and build muscle and that needs protein intake for recovery. But if you’re only doing cardio and nothing as intense that needs recovery from protein (more than 200 gm daily), then your body will just start turning that into fat.

8. Only Zero Carb Diet Will Help You Lose Weight: People do lose weight initially on such diets but they do gain back all the weight once they start eating regular food. It’s important to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs to function, especially when you’re dieting because you’re mostly losing out on many due to your restricted food plan. Complex carbohydrates are a must in any diet, and one can choose to go low carb, but don’t aim for going zero carb.

9. Cut Out Gluten to Lose Weight: Though “gluten” affects people with celiac disease in an adverse way, some people who want to shed weight are made to believe that they must avoid gluten to see numbers on the weighing scale go down! Gluten is a group of proteins which gives flour its sticky and glue-like texture when mixed with water. People with autoimmune disorders such as celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome are allergic to gluten where their immune system triggers a reaction against the presence of gluten in the body and damages the lining of the gut wall, which may further lead to reactions such as diarrhea, anemia, headache, rashes, and even depression. People with gluten intolerance and wheat sensitivity should totally avoid wheat and cereals with gluten in them; however, people without gluten allergy – there is no link or studies linking significant weight loss with a gluten-free diet.

8. You can Swap Soft Drinks with Diet Soda: Most people often make this mistake swapping soft drinks with diet soda, but these drinks use artificial sweeteners that still manage to spike insulin and stimulate appetite. So, drink plain water, chaach, butter milk, sattu sherbet instead

9. All Calories are Equal: No, 500 calories from pizza is not equal to 500 calories from brown rice, vegetables, and other whole foods. A medium apple contains about 100 calories and but so does a small bag of chips – you get fiber, vitamins, and minerals from apple and can only get empty calories from that bag of chips. Does that mean only the calorie intake matters? To lose weight, you need nutrients in the right quantity, and that’s why source of every calorie is important.

10. You Should Absolutely Not Cheat on a Weight Loss Diet: To reset a sluggish metabolism, to adhere to your diet better, you should ideally be having a cheat meal once a week. You need to cheat for your body to function properly and burn fat faster. If you keep feeding your body only healthy food without a break, it would lower metabolism and burn fat at a lower pace. You need to give your body a shock and trick it into believing more food is available, and it can burn more fat. That’s why Rati Beauty weight loss diets encourage people to indulge in a cheat meal once a week, but make sure the cheat meals do not stretch into cheat days or weekends.

11. Eat Anything you Want and Burn it Off the Next Day at the Gym: You can never outrun a bad diet. Without proper portion control and clean eating, you are just wasting your time at the gym. Eat healthy and workout with great gusto, and see the unwanted pounds coming off.

12. Crash Dieting is the Easiest Way to Drop Weight: This is absolutely a wrong method to adopt to lose weight. Food deprivation pushes the body into a fat-conserving mode and if you are not eating enough food, metabolism lowers and so does the pace of weight loss. Crash dieting is based on food deprivation and severe calorie restriction, which leads to binge eating later on, and following such a diet, will in fact lead to weight gain. Read “10 Cheat Meal Rules for Weight Loss.”

13. Cardio Is The Key To Weight Loss: This is a big myth because one cannot depend on cardio alone to get slim. You must do cardio but you can’t depend on it. Walking, cycling, cross-trainer, etc. all are useless if you don’t weight train and incorporate other forms of exercise. Your body will stop responding to cardio if there are no other workout forms in the routine. So, you must keep alternating your exercise routines for your body to work properly towards a healthy weight loss journey.

14. Shun All Forms of Fat from the Diet: Thinking of giving up all forms of fat (ghee, nuts, eggs, meat) to trim down faster? No, don’t make that mistake. Healthy fats are absolutely necessary to burn fat. The trick with healthy fats is to eat them in moderation, but do make them a part of your daily diet. Check out Rati Beauty weight loss diets on the Rati Beauty app to know more.

15. Switch to Sugar-Free Products: There’s a huge misconception that sugar-free products do not have any sugar in them. On the contrary, regular sugar is replaced with artificial sweeteners which go through extensive refining process and usually have fillers to reduce their intense sweetness. These sweeteners are extensively used in chocolates, candies, jams, jellies, dairy products, soft drinks, etc., to give them the “healthy tag.” To reveal the truth, artificial sweeteners still manage to trigger insulin release and frequent insulin spikes lead up to insulin resistance which can put you into the “pre-diabetic” category. Check out these natural sweeteners to satisfy your sweet tooth (8 Best Healthy Replacements for Refined Sugar).

16. Diet Fads Are A Cool Way To Lose Weight: The GM Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Zero Carb Diet, all these are just a few of the many fad diets that are all over the social media. They are just excuses to get a fast weight loss experience, but not at all sustainable. The fact that many don’t know is that whatever weight you lose because of these diets is not fat loss but is water weight which will come back once you lose the diet. You must follow a proper diet, like that on Rati Beauty, to lose weight and keep it off forever.

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