A Special Pair of Bentley Continental Fastbacks at Vantage Motorworks, Inc.

Vantage Motorworks, Inc., located in Miami, Florida proudly offers 2 spectacular Bentley Continental H.J. Mulliner Fastbacks. Below is part of the pedigree of these classics, both supplied to the same distinguished original owner.

First launched in 1951 the Bentley Continental was at the very forefront of British engineering. The aluminum construction initially paired with a 4.5L straight-six engine was later increased to 4.9L and able to produce vast amounts of torque.  The combination of lightweight design and huge power allowed the luxury 4-seater to reach speeds of up to 120mph and cruise comfortably, figures other manufacturers of the era could only dream of.  The interior of the Bentleys was designed to exude luxury, only hinting at their tremendous performance. Even at speed, these vehicles remained stable and quiet; truly the benchmark for high-speed cruising even by today’s standards.

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As with all restorations by Vantage Motorworks, the history of each car is thoroughly researched and their pedigree documented.  The original owner of these 2 important Fastbacks was the legendary automobile enthusiast William Brewster of Stonington, Ct.  The Brewster family contained a strong line of automotive enthusiasts, and William Brewster was no different.  The son of Frederick Foster Brewster (a bank and public utility executive and 7-time winner of the Astor Cup) the family was also connected with the famous coachbuilding firm of Brewster & Co., which was eventually purchased by Rolls-Royce in the mid-1920s.  The entire family traces its roots to Elder William Brewster (Jan. 24, 1566 – Apr. 10, 1644), who came to Plymouth Colony on the Mayflower.  In addition to quite a few special Bentleys, William Brewster’s collection also included one of the most famous Model J Duesenbergs in the world; a RHD example bodied by Gurney Nutting for the Maharaja of Holkar.

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BC35LC – 1954 Bentley Continental R Type Fastback – From conception, this premium sporting chassis was to be an exclusively coachbuilt car. Over its entire four-year production run, while there were 2,528 Bentley R-Types, there were only 207 R-Type Continental chassis made.   BC35LC,  one of only 41 left-hand-drive examples erected to H.J. Mulliner design number 7277 was featured at the New York Auto Show in February 1954.

BC35LC arrives at Vantage Motorworks at Vantage Motorworks June 2018. A concours quality, no expense spared restoration brings the car back to its original Maroon color.

BC96LBG – 1957 Bentley S1 Continental Fastback by H.J. Mulliner, is one of only 22 left-hand drive examples erected to H.J. Mulliner design number 7400 and was equipped with the upgraded large valve, large carburetor engine and power steering. The original Bentley tools in their special Mulliner case, correct owner’s handbooks, a rare Continental touring kit and copies of the factory work orders all remain with the car.  

BC96LBG – work in progress and final photo:

Says Richard Gorman, President of Vantage Motorworks “To proudly display them side by side after 6 decades is quite gratifying.  It would be great if this remarkable pair remained reunited.”

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