FemTech Startup Conceive Raises $3.7M for Outcomes-Oriented Fertility Solution

FemTech Startup Conceive Raises $3.7M for Outcomes-Oriented Fertility SolutionFemTech Startup Conceive Raises $3.7M for Outcomes-Oriented Fertility Solution

What You Should Know:

Conceive, a New York City-based femtech startup on a mission to transform fertility, today that the public beta of its integrated solution is now live.

– The company’s launch is fueled by a $3.7M seed round led by Kindred Ventures, with participation from Founder Collective, Great Oaks, and 40+ founders and angels. The majority female and 42% BIPOC cap table includes the founders of Natalist, Tia, Forward, Cityblock, Pillpack, Dia&Co, along with the deep expertise from Inception Fertility, Alife, Spring Fertility, Overture, and many more.

Improving Fertility Outcomes, Together

Infertility is a human health crisis. One in six struggle to conceive. While early education emphasizes avoiding pregnancy at all costs, the reality is there’s only a 22% chance of conception per month in one’s 20s. To resolve this, Conceive’s mission is to improve health outcomes by helping people become pregnant faster, reduce costs, and uncover diagnoses.

Conceive is an outcomes-based health platform designed by tech executives from WW (formerly Weight Watchers), Omada Health, MasterClass, a16z, and health providers from Cornell and CCRM. Conceive combines three key elements — cohort-based community, evidence-based education, and 1:1 coaching — into a holistic program that helps members navigate and accelerate their fertility journey.

“And while infertility impacts men and women at the same rates, it is treated as existential for women and more of an afterthought  for men,” said Lauren Berson, Founder and CEO of Conceive. Berson was formerly VP of Strategic Growth and M&A at Weight Watchers, and Senior Partner at a16z.

“Current solutions aren’t solving the problem, as they follow a one-size-fits-all, woman-focused playbook for a health challenge that involves two patients and is highly personalized,” added Berson. This results in a haphazard and difficult-to-navigate journey, with the potential for common causes of infertility to go undiagnosed, that may add to the mental, physical, and financial trauma.

Initial Beta Results

Conceive recently concluded an initial closed beta in which 54% of members became pregnant, 36% uncovered new diagnoses, and 90% felt very supported in their journey.

Public Beta & Future Offerings

Applications to join the public beta are now open nationwide. When members join Conceive, they complete an onboarding questionnaire that helps to match them with the best peer group for their needs. Members meet once a week for 60-minute sessions, with access to their peer group and 1:1 coaching throughout the journey. They also get access to evidence-based resources to accelerate their paths to building a family. The program is eight weeks long, and costs $549; scholarships are available for those who can’t afford it. In addition, Conceive also plans to launch additional fertility offerings for men, LGBTQ+ partners, and patients pursuing egg freezing later this year.