Intermountain Partners with VC Firm General Catalyst on Innovation

Intermountain Partners with VC Firm General Catalyst on InnovationIntermountain Partners with VC Firm General Catalyst on Innovation

What You Should Know:

Intermountain Healthcare announced a strategic partnership with digital health venture capital firm General Catalyst that will involve jointly exploring opportunities to accelerate the shift to value-based care through digital and other solutions.

– As part of the collaboration, Intermountain and General Catalyst will leverage the Health Assurance Network, which is a group of tech innovation companies within General Catalyst’s investment portfolio that are dedicated to delivering focused solutions and collectively committed to helping transform the health industry into a more proactive, resilient, and equitable system of care. Health Assurance Network companies include Transcarent, Olive, Sprinter Health, Commure, and Cadence, among many others.

Partnership Benefits for Intermountain

It will establish a rigorous process for identifying and scoping specific needs, assessing and co-developing feasible and effective solutions, and scaling those solutions across the health system to drive positive outcomes. The Intermountain-General Catalyst collaboration builds on other transformative collaborations Intermountain has helped launch, including Civica Rx and Graphite Health, and has helped establish a new Digital Hippocratic Oath to improve hospital data interoperability and secure patient privacy rights.

“We’ve historically been on the cutting edge of health innovation, especially when it comes to providing high-quality care that keeps people healthier at more affordable costs,” said Intermountain Healthcare President and CEO Marc Harrison, MD. “This collaboration between Intermountain and General Catalyst can help turbocharge the movement towards population health and value-based care by connecting us with a network of innovators outside the traditional healthcare space.”