BestLife Holdings Announces $50M Funding Round + Portfolio Expansion with Cenegenics

BestLife Holdings Announces $50M Funding Round + Portfolio Expansion with CenegenicsBestLife Holdings Announces $50M Funding Round + Portfolio Expansion with Cenegenics
Kristy Berry (left) and Carly Stockdale (right)

What You Should Know:

– BestLife Holdings, a portfolio of personalized preventative healthcare and age management solutions, announces its formation with a combined equity round of over $50M. Notable investors have partnered with BestLife including PrimeTime Partners’ founders, Abby Levy, the co-founder of Thrive Global with Arianna Huffington, and Alan Patricof, founder of Greycroft Partners and Apax Partners, who also joined the board as an observer. Consumer and digital health entrepreneurs Neil Parikh, co-founder of Casper, as well as Mitch Rothschild, founder of Vitals, have joined the roster of investors along with professional sports players, including NFL players Peter Kalambayi and Brennan Scarlett.

The funding combines the market-leading performance health brand, Cenegenics, with over $12 million in growth capital. With Cenegenics as the inaugural offering in the portfolio, BestLife is building a multi-brand platform that enables healthy aging at scale.

Female-Lead Executive Team & Growth

BestLife’s portfolio includes proven age-management performance health brand, Cenegenics, and support for The Foundation for Healthy Aging, a non-profit dedicated to training physicians on the latest in age management medicine. BestLife will expand its offering to include more accessible, direct-to-consumer products later this year. With co-founders Carly Stockdale and Kristy Berry at the helm, BestLife’s female-led executive team is committed to making precision preventative care available to all with the launch of new-age management products.

Since joining BestLife, Cenegenics has increased its new client revenues over 120%. The company plans to further invest in growth and product development, making the platform available to executive groups, affiliate physicians, and external partners through expanded partnerships and benefits programs.

“Over the past 25 years, Cenegenics has established an incredibly effective health performance platform with a 20 location national footprint and extensive telemedicine infrastructure,” said Carly Stockdale, CEO of BestLife. “Founders Dr. Alan Mintz and John Adams, along with the early Cenegenics physicians and coaches, pioneered the precision medicine for preventive care field by tracking hundreds of annual biomarkers for clients. They used important but often overlooked clinical data points to educate and deliver impactful, personalized interventions like hormone therapy or supplementation that impact the metabolic, cognitive and physical health of thousands of clients. We are thrilled to invest further in its growth as well as the accompanying scientific insights and digital experience inherent to the program.”