Holistic Medicine in Surgery? How I Save My Patients from Health Scams

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The wellness and holistic health industry is huge, but does it actually help or hurt as a health scam? Or is this “feel good” and costly snake oil? Is Eastern or Western medicine the winner for my patients, especially in surgery and under anesthesia?

Having spent over a decade training in both western and eastern medicine, my patients ask me this question all the time! After all, I studied western medicine at Stanford and Harvard, and I completed a fellowship in integrative medicine (what’s that you ask?).

On one end, I get asked if supplements are a waste of money? Does acupuncture actually work? And is this all hippy dippy snake oil medicine? This includes eastern practices like mind-body medicine, acupuncture, nutritional medicine, aromatherapy, and so much more. There’s a lot of risk for health scams here!

On the other end: do doctors in the USA just pushed pills because we were paid off by big pharma? And are we just blowing off patient concerns so we could see the next patient faster? This includes surgery, pharmaceuticals, and interventional procedures (like injections and more). Similar risk for health scams?

So which medicine is better: western or eastern medicine? Here’s how I help my patients choose which is best for them.

Both western and eastern medicine come at a cost. Not just economic cost, but also efficacy and timing cost. I’ll share how I decide when to apply each set of practices for my patients.

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