Amwell CEO on MedCity Pivot Podcast: Sometimes “we are punished” for biz models that have nothing to do with our approach

It’s the best of times. It’s the worst of times — for telehealth companies, that is. No one category has seen its value in healthcare delivery be proven during the pandemic so much so that the digital transformation of healthcare has catapulted from nice-to-have to must-have. Yet, no other category has seen a reversal of fortune as it relates to stock prices of large, public telehealth companies. Teladoc’s stock price has fallen of a cliff trading in the mid $30s after reaching nearly $300 in early 2021. Amwell’s stock is currently trading in the penny stock range.

In a wide-ranging interview on MedCity’s Pivot podcast, Amwell Chairman & CEO Ido Schoenberg expressed frustration at being lumped together with other telehealth companies that have very different approaches and business models. That was no doubt, a slight dig at Teladoc. Overall though he was very bullish on the expectation that we are on an “irreversible pathway” telehealth and virtual care will become integrated with the main delivery pathway of healthcare.