Care Access Acquires IBPClin to Expand Decentralized Clinical Trial Capabilities to Latin America

What You Should Know:

– Today, Care Access announced the acquisition of IBPClin, a leading clinical trial center in Rio de Janeiro. As a result, Care Access will bring its innovative approach to decentralized clinical research to Latin America.

– The acquisition demonstrates progress toward building diverse representation in clinical research and is a strategic first step following Reify Health’s $220 million investment round that was raised to accelerate diversity. The partnership will bring potentially life-saving treatments to the global communities that have traditionally been left out of the clinical trial process.

Acquisition will Globalize Clinical Trials

IBPClin has conducted 160+ industry-sponsored research studies, enrolling over 7000 participants across 12 Brazilian states, and offers telemedicine, remote monitoring, and home care assistance for patients. Now, as part of Care Access, the research team can serve patients in Latin America with what has so far been US-only decentralized capabilities that can take complex research visits to any interested patient.

Care Access has pioneered a unique clinical trial delivery model to decentralize the clinical research site and to take research to hard-to-reach patients, wherever they may be, through a combination of mobile research infrastructure, traveling clinical professionals, and virtual investigators. This approach has provided trial access for diverse and underserved communities across the United States, and has brought investment to healthcare infrastructure and increased the quality of care.

“We’re on a path to achieve dramatically better and faster results for global clinical trials, with the intention to accelerate the approval process of new therapies and to bring more treatment options to healthcare. Our mission is to bring to life the future of clinical research, and IBPClin shares our vision to bring our unique DCT model to Latin America” said Ahmad Namvargolian, CEO and Co-Founder of Care Access. “A motivated world-class team, with the right level of support and the right resources, can make a dramatic impact – we look forward to seeing the fruits of this labor in the coming year.”

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.