The financial journey in healthcare

Consolidation, inflation, strained supply chains, and staff shortages have contributed to higher healthcare costs. Given that the majority of consumers get healthcare through self-insured employers, controlling healthcare costs is a priority. Healthcare vendors have responded by providing telehealth platforms, offering innovative partnerships with employers and collaborating with payers and providers.

Employee health benefits is the theme of the MedCity INVEST Digital Health conference in Dallas, scheduled for September 28, in collaboration with Health Wildcatters.

One of the panel discussions will focus on navigating the financial journey in healthcare. Here’s a description and the speakers who will take part:

Patient and consumer satisfaction isn’t only about better outcomes. It’s very much about the financial journey they have to endure. Whether it be prescription costs, costs for a hospital stay, or financial toxicity that can lead to medical bankruptcies, there’s a lot to be said about the financial experience in healthcare. How do we ensure that people don’t have to endure greater financial burdens while tackling troubling illnesses or chronic conditions?

Moderator: Adam Dakin, Managing Director, Dreamit HealthTech

  • Florian Otto, co-founder and CEO, Cedar
  • Adrian Rodriguez, vice president of quality and safety, Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, PBC
  • Maria del Carmen Uceda, chief surgical sherpa, Surgical Sherpa

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