Healthfirst and MediSys Launch FHIR Platform, Hyphen

Healthfirst and MediSys Launch FHIR Platform, HyphenHealthfirst and MediSys Launch FHIR Platform, Hyphen

What You Should Know:

Healthfirst and The MediSys Health Network announced today they are using Hyphen to connect longitudinal data from claims, quality measures and electronic health records (EHRs) to identify gaps in care, making it easier for clinicians to address patient needs in real-time.

– Hyphen is a cloud-based platform that uses Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) standards to share member data directly into provider or hospital EHR systems, along with patient- and population-level analytics and predictive modeling tools.

Real-Time, Actionable Insights to Advance Value-Based Care

Hyphen enables seamless sharing of patient data across the care continuum. Utilizing Hyphen eliminates the need for spreadsheets and delivers actionable data directly into the workflows of EHRs and other systems used every day by healthcare providers and care managers. Hyphen is available to MediSys within their Epic EHR system, so all MediSys providers can participate.

“To support the next phase of value-based care, healthcare delivery needs to be easier for the providers and the consumers we all serve,” says GT Sweeney, Healthfirst’s Chief Information Officer. “We cannot accomplish that without moving data fast and fluidly at the point of care. This is Hyphen’s ultimate goal – to modernize interoperability by giving providers the right information at the right time to truly address the needs of the patients they serve.”

Hyphen also offers applications for community-based social services providers so data from the community can be linked to medical data, showing a more complete picture of an individual’s health and health-related social needs and services.

Hyphen’s extension to community services gives partners additional latitude to close care gaps for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries and other patient populations most deeply impacted by health inequities. In addition to connecting community services to the larger healthcare ecosystem, Hyphen provides the technology infrastructure for these organizations to get reimbursed for the support they provide under the state’s waiver and demonstration programs.