BioIntelliSense and Medically Home Partner to Enhance High Acuity Hospital Care at Home

BioIntelliSense and Medically Home Partner to Enhance High Acuity Hospital Care at HomeBioIntelliSense and Medically Home Partner to Enhance High Acuity Hospital Care at Home

What You Should Know:

BioIntelliSense, Inc., a continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence company, today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Medically Home Group, Inc., a technology-enabled services company that is at the forefront of the movement to decentralize care for serious or complex illnesses.

– The collaboration further expands the availability of continuous biometric data and insights to physicians and nurses caring for patients in the Medically Home model with serious, complex or high-risk illness being cared for in their homes while accelerating the adoption of medical grade BioButton® wearable devices.

BioButton Background

The rechargeable multi-parameter BioButton® wearable devices passively capture clinically validated vital signs of heart rate at rest, respiratory rate at rest and skin temperature, along with a broad range of physiologic biometrics, including activity levels, sleep tracking, body position and gait analysis. The BioCloud™ data analytics and algorithmic-based alerting enable actionable clinical triage and proactive clinical intervention through potential earlier detection of adverse trends.

The Medically Home model directly addresses the growing need for increased health system capacity and resiliency, while meeting the needs and preferences of patients, who often desire to be cared for in the comfort and convenience of their home. With the comprehensive Medically Home and BioIntelliSense solution, patients with conditions across a broad spectrum of severity, complexity, and risk can continue to be cared for safely at home with clinical accuracy, reducing the necessity for traditional building-centric care.

“BioIntelliSense provides a scalable medical-grade solution that allows for passive vital sign data collection from the home, dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of deploying traditional remote patient monitoring programs with improved patient experience,” said Pippa Shulman, DO, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, Medically Home. “As hospital capacity pressure mounts, this strategic collaboration further accelerates Medically Home’s platform reach and growing ecosystem of health systems and payers nationwide.”