Exo Co-founder & Board Chair, Janusz Bryzek, Ph.D. Passes Away

What You Should Know:

Exo, a medical imaging software and device company, today announces the death of its Co-Founder and Board Chairman, Janusz Bryzek, Ph.D.

– Janusz passed away in his home on the morning of November 10, 2022, surrounded by his loving wife and three children.

Dr. Janusz Bryzek Bio & Impact

Commonly referred to as the “Father of Sensors” and the “Trillion Sensor Man,” Janusz was a renowned pioneer in the development of micro-mechanical integrated systems (MEMS) technology and a driving force behind innovations that have profoundly reshaped how technology can be used to improve the lives of those around the world. Janusz lived by a philosophy of abundance, achieving this through the exponential power of technological innovations. Abundance lowers cost and improves access. He felt that if even the most impoverished people are given affordable tools for amplifying their own lives, they can enact further change and improve the standard of living for all. Janusz believed true equity depends upon humans who are committed to enacting this exponential change.