AdvancedMD to Roll Out 35+ Updates in Major Product Release

AdvancedMD Acquires NueMD to Expand Footprint by 27%AdvancedMD Acquires NueMD to Expand Footprint by 27%

What You Should Know:

AdvancedMD announced its 2022 Fall product release that includes 35 new features added to its suite of all-in-one medical office and remote care cloud software. This marks one of the largest product release updates in AdvancedMD history, reflecting the robust nature of the leading cloud-based platform used by more than 40,000 practitioners across 13,000 practices, and 850 medical billing companies. 

– AdvancedMD’s fall release ensures more unified and smoother workflow capabilities, improved communication with patients, payors, and partners, and a myriad of enhancements to its practice management, patient engagement, EHR and mobile capabilities.  

Among the most anticipated feature updates include: 

Patient Preferred Name Feature: Patient-facing staff can now save, view and use a patient’s preferred name within AdvancedMD’s patient demographics, creating a more accurate billing process and eliminating duplicate entries. The Patient Preferred Name feature was the most requested feature by current AdvancedMD practices. It’s an important way to show patient respect, especially in a mental health setting (about 40% of providers are mental health providers). And especially for transgender or non-binary patients and for the many that go by a nickname or their middle name rather than their legal first name.  

Payor Contractual Reimbursement Tracking: Enables medical offices to control how a write-off is calculated – either by allowed amount or expected amount. An enhanced payment screen also includes specific RARC (payment reason code) to track under or over payments. 

ePA on Pharmacy Request Donut: Allows medical offices to follow up on Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) tasks via the AdvancedMD Pharmacy Requests donut.