RNSA22: CloudWave Acquires Sensato Cybersecurity

RNSA22: CloudWave Acquires Sensato CybersecurityRNSA22: CloudWave Acquires Sensato Cybersecurity

What You Should Know:

–  CloudWave, the expert in healthcare data security today at RNSA22 announced it has acquired Sensato Cybersecurity, a managed cybersecurity services company focused on protecting healthcare providers from ransomware events and other cybersecurity threats.

– The Sensato Cybersecurity suite is a natural fit with CloudWave’s OpSus Cloud Services. The acquisition will bring together leading-edge cloud hosting services and managed cybersecurity-as-a-service to provide a seamless, enhanced experience to hospitals and healthcare organizations.

As part of the acquisition, Sensato’s founder and long-time health information technology visionary, John Gomez, will join CloudWave as chief security and engineering officer. Financial details were not disclosed.