Medcity Pivot Podcast: A Conversation With COTA CEO Miruna Sasu About RWE

The importance of Real World Data and Real World Evidence is only growing as healthcare organizations recognize that they are strong tools with the power to improve patient outcomes. In the world of life sciences and drug development, the use of RWE is also slowly taking off.

In this episode of MedCity’s Pivot Podcast, Miruna Sasu, CEO of RWE company COTA, explained that studies have shown meaningful percentage improvements in efficiency— from the low single digits to double digits — if RWE is used in drug development. And that translates into real savings. Sasu believes that innovative life science companies are experimenting with RWE in drug development and clinical trials. However, she worries that in the midst of the current economic belt-tightening, efforts to leverage novel methods and technologies, including RWE, will be the first casualty.