Virta Health Helps AutoZone Employees Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

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What You Should Know:

– Type 2 diabetes reversal leader Virta Health revealed promising one-year outcomes from its partnership with AutoZone, Inc., a retailer and distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories in the Americas.

– Virta provides virtual, continuous health coaching, medical supervision and personalized nutrition to help patients reverse their metabolic disease, lose weight, + get off medications. At one year, AutoZoners experience long-term blood sugar control and clinically-significant weight loss while eliminating over half of diabetes medications.

AutoZone’s Health Outcomes for Employees

AutoZone currently offers Virta’s type 2 diabetes reversal, prediabetes reversal, type 2 diabetes management, and obesity and weight loss solutions to eligible AutoZoners at no-cost. Over the past twelve months, AutoZoners living with type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and obesity have achieved transformative results with Virta, including:

– Medication Deprescription: Type 2 diabetes patients eliminated over half of diabetes medications (excluding metformin), including a 73% reduction in insulin prescribed after 12 months.

– Blood Sugar Reduction: Estimated HbA1c (a measure of average blood sugar) improved by 1% on average for diabetes patients. Every one-point decrease in HbA1c reduces the risk of long-term diabetes complications—such as eye, kidney, and nerve disease—by up to 40%.

– Clinically Significant Weight Loss: Across all groups, patients saw at least 8% weight loss on average (5% is the benchmark for FDA-approved weight-loss drugs and what is considered clinically significant). AutoZoners enrolled in Virta’s obesity program experienced 9% weight loss.