Gympass Adds Headspace Health To Wellbeing Platform for Employers

Employee wellbeing platform Gympass has added Headspace Health to its suite of wellbeing apps and services for employers, the companies announced Wednesday.

New York City-based Gympass has a network of more than 50,000 gyms, classes, trainers and wellbeing apps that it offers to more than 10,000 companies. Headspace Health, based in Santa Monica, California, is a digital mental health company created through the 2021 merger between Headspace and Ginger. The combined entity provides mindfulness tools under Headspace and virtual therapy and psychiatry under Ginger.

Headspace will now be offered to employees of Gympass’ customers under the “Mind” category of the platform (Ginger’s services will not be provided on Gympass). Employees can receive more than 1,000 hours of mindfulness services from Headspace, including for guided meditations, sleep and focus. Headspace is available on Gympass’ Starter plan — the cheapest option for employees —  which costs $11.99 a month and gives access to 2,400 gyms and studios and 23 wellbeing apps. Other plan options cost between $34.99 a month and $279.99 a month.

The partnership comes after a recent Gympass report found that wellbeing is as important as salary for 83% of employees around the world. However, 36% of workers don’t think their employer “demonstrates commitment to their wellbeing.” Employers need to act on this, said Cesar Carvalho, co-founder and CEO of Gympass.

“We’re currently in a crisis of wellbeing, with large portions of the workforce dealing with burnout, stress and disengagement … In our view, employers have a responsibility to confront the crisis of wellbeing head-on and offer solutions and resources to improve it,” he said in an email.

Katie DiPerna Cook, senior vice president of partnerships at Headspace Health, echoed Carvalho’s comments.

“Employees are the typical company’s biggest (and most important) expense, yet we aren’t focused enough on ensuring they have what they need to remain at peak performance. Organizations must ensure that employees are going to do their best, every day,” she said.  “Mental health resources are a huge part of this.”

Companies that don’t provide wellbeing support are going to have a difficult time keeping workers, Cook added.

“Employers and HR teams who understand the importance of prioritizing wellbeing in the workplace will inherently have an edge over the companies that don’t. We’ve already seen trends like ‘The Great Resignation’ or ‘Quiet Quitting’ sweep the workforce,” she said. “This edge is what employers need to retain employees and to win exceptional talent when competing against other companies in a tight labor market.”

Other mindfulness companies Gympass works with include Calm and Sleep Cycle. Its fitness partners include 24 Hour Fitness, CorePower Yoga and Orangetheory Fitness.

Photo: SIphotography, Getty Images