Israel HMO Enables Patients to Contact Doctors Via WhatsApp

Israel HMO Enables Patients to Contact Doctors Via WhatsAppIsrael HMO Enables Patients to Contact Doctors Via WhatsApp

What You Should Know:

– Clalit Health Services, the largest HMO in Israel eases the burden on customer service teams, allowing members to communicate directly with their HMO through WhatsApp and social media.

– Clalit members in Israel. Clalit members can now contact the clinic and doctors via WhatsApp – to schedule appointments, send documents – and save waiting time. 

Deploying CommBox’s Omnichannel Communication Platform

As part of the move, Clalit implemented CommBox’s omnichannel communication platform, which includes AI, automation capabilities, and digital service representatives, to allow its members fast and automatic service on WhatsApp, SMS, social media, and other digital channels at all hours of the day.

The service is already available to Clalit members in about 100 community clinics throughout the country and is expected to expand in the near future to all Clalit clinics (1,500), outpatient clinics, Clalit Platinum, Clalit Smile and the call center hotline, which includes approximately 4,000 representatives. This change will allow Clalit to improve their digital health services and reduce waiting times – instead of dozens of phone numbers for hospitals and clinics, now main clinics will have dedicated WhatsApp number patients can reach their branches and hospitals.