Wellstar Expands Enterprise Virtual Reality Training with Moth+Flame

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What You Should Know:

– Wellstar Health System extends its partnership with Moth+Flame to further utilize its virtual reality (VR) training technology.

– The VR emotional intelligence training encourages Wellstar’s employees to build composure and gain practical experience in a highly realistic scenario by navigating difficult conversations and testing resiliency in an emotionally charged environment.

– The experience helps Wellstar’s workforce development strategies to build situational awareness and prioritize composure, critical thinking, and conscious emotional responses when engaging in triggering conversations.

Wellstar VR Pilot Results

Last May, Catalyst by Wellstar led Wellstar’s first-ever VR-based leadership development training in collaboration with Moth+Flame. This was Moth+Flame’s first healthcare partnership, and the use of this technology continues to expand within Wellstar’s enterprise.

Following the training, 97% of participants recommend the virtual learning experience to others. They also reported that the training reduced their anxiety around difficult conversations by 57%. As a result of the successful pilot, Wellstar decided to offer VR emotional intelligence training regularly.

Moth+Flame Background

Moth+Flame is an award-winning VR communication technology developer and premier enterprise-grade immersive learning provider offering innovative and adaptive learning programs for mastering technical and cognitive skills. Their platform includes content focused on emotional intelligence. When learners put on their headsets, they inhabit and interact with immersive simulated environments. They decide in the moment how to respond and see for themselves the impact their words and decisions have on others—and reflect on how to improve. Trainees receive an empathy rating score at the end of their session.