How to Leverage Diagnostic Development to Guard Against RSV, Flu and Covid-19 [Sponsored]

For the first two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals focused on understanding the Covid-19 virus, how best to guard against it, and developing tests to detect it. They also tracked, aggregated, and analyzed health data to assess and monitor the public health threat on a regional, state and country-wide level. In the longer term, vaccine development and distribution were used to slow the spread to avoid a collapse of the health system and to reduce the potency of the virus for the majority of people.

More recently, attention has shifted to the long perceived threat of viruses coming together with Covid-19, the flu, RSV and Group A Strep occurring alongside the Covid-19 virus. Indeed we have seen how the flu, Covid-19 and RSV together have significantly impacted understaffed hospitals struggling to replenish their workforce as they recover from the height of the pandemic. Just recently, the FDA granted BD Emergency Use Authorization for the BD MAX Molecular Diagnostic System against SARS-CoV-2, influenza A + B, and RSV.

A webinar sponsored by BD scheduled for March 7 will explore the state of play of the Covid-19 virus coming together with other viruses in the current landscape. Is this a perfect storm of contagions? What role can diagnostics play to accurately ascertain and diagnose infected members of the population?

Among the talking points of the webinar will be:

  • An overview of the most recent respiratory seasons and what kind of risks are posed by RSV, flu, and other respiratory diseases
  • Clinical presentation and symptoms 
  • How children are impacted
  • The BD Veritor™ Plus System and its benefits
  • Innovations that companies such as BD have enacted to support public health

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Photo:, Getty Images