Pursuing Peace: A Holistic Perspective

Peace for humankind is a multifaceted concept. Climate justice, gender equity and migration are integral to understanding and achieving long-lasting peace. Our panel of experts will shed light on issues like these, grappling with the critical question: What is the price of peace? Weaving together first-hand experiences and insightful analyses, this discussion will also touch on the costs and sacrifices that are often overlooked in our pursuit of harmony. Through a holistic lens, we will scrutinise not just the tangible but also the emotional and societal costs of securing peace. This dialogue aims to redefine the concept of peace, viewing it more than merely the absence of conflict and demonstrating both its complexity and how important multiple dimensions of justice are in fostering a peaceful world. This panel will be followed by the documentary ‘This Kind of Hope’ about diplomat Andrei Sannikov, who has dedicated his life to restoring democracy in Belarus.

Partner: Greenpeace